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SiS announced Atom chipset

by on07 May 2009


945GC competitor

It turns out that the Pegatron system that got spotted earlier this week doesn't use the ION platform at all, instead it uses the brand new SiS 672, 968 and 307DV chipset combination. And yes, that is a 3-chip solution, but it's not quite as daft as it first seems.

The chipset is really just the SiS 672 northbridge and the SiS 968 southbridge, as the 307DV is only required for DVI output. The Pegatron system featuring the new SiS chipset is currently known as the Ultra Slim Atom NetTop platform, although we doubt it'll hit retail with that name and most likely not under the Pegatron brand either, since Pegatron is an OEM/ODM manufacturer.

The SiS chipset isn't exactly what we'd call impressive and it won't compete with Nvidia's ION platform on any level. The SiS 672 features integrated SiS Mirage 3 graphics, although considering the wording of the press release, it doesn't seem to offer any kind of HD video decoding features. The chipset also only supports PCI Express x1 devices, has a mere two SATA ports and support for six USB 2.0 ports.

The entire platform is only meant to draw 22W, but for the extra power draw of an ION sytsem, we know which way we'd go, despite the fact that we'd expect SiS based systems to be vastly cheaper.

You can find the press release here, including some very low resolution images of the Pegatron system and its motherboard.
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