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Asus officially launches its ROG OC station

by on21 May 2009


3-inch screen and bunch of features

Asus has officially announced its hardware-based, bay-mounted Republic of Gamers OC Station. OC Station mounts in two 5.25-inch bays, has a bunch of features and a large 3-inch TFT tilt screen.

This hardware based overclocking device can be used to set and show system voltages and frequencies, fan speeds, system information and even a photo slideshow. As it is clearly made to be paired up with a ROG motherboard, it can be integrated with ROG exclusive features such as CPU Level UP and EPU-6 Engine, all thanks to the embedded iROG controller on ROG motherboards.

According to Asus, the 3-inch screen has large and bright characters that can be read from a decent distance. One of the features that will appeal to those that like to keep their cases on the floor is the tilt function for the screen which means that the entire front plate of the OC Station can be tilted upward by 30 degrees.

You can check it out here.


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