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DFI confirms it's here to stay

by on23 December 2009


New products are coming

In the spirit of recent rumours, we decided to go direct and ask DFI about it and have been given a straightforward answer with a slight insight into its future product plans. In any case DFI isn't going anywhere and the Lanparty brand is here to stay.

DFI told Fudzilla that, despite the fact that this is not the first time such rumors have surfaced, the company is still getting caught off guard by them and decisions of such nature were never even brought up within the company. The RD team is still working hard on new products and BIOS updates, so there's no reason to get excited.

DFI is now focused on BIOS support for Intel's Gulftown CPUs on its X58 based motherboards, promoting its Hybrid P45/Nvidia ION motherboard and more motherboards in its new Lanparty MI (Mini ITX) series. The one thing that clearly says DFI isn't going anywhere is the fact that they are working on a product design for a motherboard based on AMD's 890 chipset and is currently pending AMD's approval.

We are honestly glad that DFI isn't going anywhere as DFI made quite a few enthusiast motherboards and they do wonders with BIOS and innovations so it would be a real shame to see them go. That being said, the rumours are exactly that - rumors, and DFI's Lanparty is here to stay.

Last modified on 23 December 2009
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