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iPhone battery replacement anger

by on06 July 2007



Consumer advocacy groups are fuming at Apple battery replacement program for the iPhone. The Foundation for Consumer and Taxpayer Rights have fired off a letter to Apple and AT&T complaining that customers were being left in the dark about the procedure and cost of replacing the gadget's battery.

Apple soldered the iPhone's battery inside the device and cannot be swapped out by the owner like most other mobile phones.

This forces users would have to submit their iPhone to Apple for battery service which costs an extra 58 Euro and 5.10 Euro for shipping. The Foundation says the iPhone's battery and repair costs should have been clearly disclosed earlier.

The consumer and taxpayer organisation has gone to court over similar problems,  In fact it has taken AT&T to court over its service termination fees, and is also suing Apple over an early model iPod Nano which it said  was scratched too easily.

The Foundation says that replacing the iPhone battery should be free to begin with while the product is under its one-year warranty.

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