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HTC has faster P3600

by on10 August 2007

Just launched in Taiwan

The standard version of the HTC P3600 uses a 400MHz Samsung processor and has 128MB of ROM, but it appears that HTC has snuck out a version in Taiwan with a 500MHz Samsung processor and 256MB or ROM.

PhoneDaily got the scoopage on this one, as CHT or Chunghwa Telecom launched an updated version of its rebranded model. The inital model, the CHT9100 followed the same specifications as the HTC P3600, but the updated CHT 9110 features the faster processor and more storage memory.

If this has been done to improve the performance and give the user more space under Windows Mobile 6 or not is just a guess, but both devices are running the same OS.

Judging from the benchmarks over at PhoneDaily, the extra 100MHz does wonders to the performance and we can just hope that HTC will add this new 500MHz CPU to upcoming models in the rest of the world.

You can check out some pictures and benchmarks here
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