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DoCoMo likely to win iPhone

by on27 December 2007


Thanks to Google

Japanese phone companies are arguing over who will win the rights to Apple's iPhone, it seems the front running DoCoMo has just secured an advantage.

Accrding to the Nikkei news service, Google has just agreed that it will provide a cluster of its services for DoCoMo. Google's chairman is Eric Schmidt, who is also an Apple director. His company has been providing important features for the iPhone in the U.S.

With Google offering features including search, e-mail, calendar, and photo-sharing options over DoCoMo's i-Mode network, it makes merging Apple functions with DoCoMo's system much easier.

However, all is not running smoothly for Apple in Japan. Even DoCoMo is not happy over the demands the company is making. It also uses the WCDMA infrastructure standard, which can deliver faster and more robust services than EDGE-based GSM services used by the iPhone.
Last modified on 28 December 2007
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