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Verizon to push Storm launch out

by on21 October 2008


November 13th appears to be the new date

Our sources are now telling us that Verizon has moved the launch date of the BlackBerry Storm to November 13th in North America.

According to our mole, the word “push” might be a little bit of a stretch, as Verizon has set the official launch date as November 9th, which means that it is likely you should be able to wander into some Verizon retailers and pick up a Storm on the 10th    of November. From what we are hearing now, they intend to have in-stock store availability on November 13th, with rumors coming in that Best Buy intends to have it in stock on November 16th and it will be featured in their weekend ad.

The excitement surrounding the Storm launch seems to be a bit more than Verizon has expected, and they want to make sure that they have sufficient stock levels so that buyers who want a Storm should be able to get one.

It is still suspected that some locations might get the Storm sooner, but with all of the excitement surrounding the launch we are hearing that availability could be a bit tighter than expected during the first week of the launch. The news is good for RIM, who has to feel that the move to a touch screen device was a bit of a risk for them, but it looks that at least Verizon customers are excited about the Storm and sales look to be better than expected.

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