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Nokia to target LTE rather than WiMAX

by on06 March 2009


N810 WiMAX version ditched for new strategy

The Nokia N810 was one of the first actual WiMAX devices to make it into the market place, and as we previously reported, Nokia ever so quietly ditched the N810 WiMAX edition back in January.

It was our understanding back then that Nokia was going to introduce a new WiMAX model, but it would seem now that they have other plans. In fact, they have no future plans for WiMAX at all due to the  roll out of WiMAX in the U.S. has been so slow and the majority carriers have committed to LTE.

It is likely that when the N810 WiMAX edition disappeared with no clear cut replacement that we should have known that something was up. Nokia says now that they are committed to LTE and their future devices will use that standard as it is obviously being adopted by the majority of carriers, which means that Clearwire and Sprint can cross Nokia off the list of partners providing WiMAX devices.

Things continue to look shaky for WiMAX, as Clearwire and Sprint will have to seek other providers for WiMAX devices to use the technology. In addition, with Sprint spinning off the WiMAX to Clearwire, we have to wonder if it isn’t only a matter of time before Sprint has to come around and admit that they will have to move to LTE, as well. Only time will tell, but we would not be recommending an investment in WiMAX technology right now, that is for sure.
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