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March 17th to see iPhone 3.0 OS release

by on13 March 2009


MMS and Tethering with Bluetooth/USB to be included

It is starting to sound like iPhone users might be rejoicing on March 17th when Apple is said to be releasing version 3.0 of the OS for the iPhone. The big news is said to be that the 3.0 release of the OS for iPhone will finally include MMS support.

The lack of MMS support is one of the major things that those that don’t have an iPhone point to as one of the major shortcomings of the device. In addition to adding MMS support, the other new major feature to be included is said to be tethering via either Bluetooth or USB, which will also make a lot of users happy. However, we continue to hear that AT&T is planning to charge for use of the tethering option on the iPhone in the U.S.

Beyond these two major improvements, the March 17th event is also said to be the springboard for the launch of the latest update to the Software Developers Kit for the iPhone. There seems to be much whispering around the fact that the latest version of the SDK needs to be released by Apple prior to the launch of the new iPhone hardware refresh, which is now expected in the June or July time frame, according to the latest info we have from our sources.
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