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Look out Mac users! Malware headed your way

by on02 November 2007


New malware targets Mac porn surfers

of the biggest arguments that we always hear from Mac users as to why the OS X is so much better than the Windows platform is the fact that the OS X doesn’t suffer from the effects of the large amount of virus, spyware, and malware attacks that the Windows platform does. It appears that things might be changing, however, as Mac owners are being alerted about a new Trojan horse called OSX.RSPlug.A.

From what we have been able to gather, the plug-in disguises itself as a video codec that will allow you to play whatever porn that you want on your Mac. The truth, however, is that you have to accept the invitation to download the new version of the codec, open the disk image file and launch the installer package by clicking on it. Once installed, your infected Mac will have its DNS settings changed to redirect you to phishing sites or sites that contain porn ads. And you will not get to watch the video. Double buzzer and you lose.

Also, from what we can tell, if you happen to be using Tiger it will be difficult to realize that you have been infected, but Leopard’s advanced network preferences will let you see that your DNS server settings have been changed.

If you have been infected, you can click here and take a look at the detailed process required to resolve the issue. The best way to avoid the problem is do not install any application that comes from a suspicious or un-trusted source.

Last modified on 02 November 2007
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