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Internet that went corrupt

by on12 April 2007


Don't go there

SiteAdvisor, a web security company owned by McAfee, has made a map of the world that contains levels of threats on the Internet based on the geographical location of the server or domain. Now you can find where you should never go. Ever!

Project named Mapping the Mal Web came with some info we already knew - eastern Europe countries are the most insecure when it comes to country domains. Romania is leading with 5,6% (.ro), and big Russia has only 4,5% risky sites (.ru). Scandinavians are the most honest ones.

When it comes to downloading data, the worst places are Bulgaria and Samoa. We must remind that both Romania and Bulgaria are now EU countries.

The .info domains are poisoned with spam, beyond the level of recovery. Level of 73,2% of tested websites that were rated as "spam pollutants" is really disturbing.

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