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Sony PR talks about Playstation 3

by on22 May 2007

FUD anyone ?

We all know
about Sony's PlayStation 3 troubles, its questionable price, lack of (good) games and poor sales. I talked about it a couple of days ago here.

Dave Karraker, Sony America's senior director of corporate communications, talked to and tried to explain the mess they've gotten themselves into. The fact that he tried doesn't mean he had any success in doing so, just read the comments in the original article, here. Karraker ended up saying absolutely nothing about the sales, the price, new games or anything else of any significance whatsoever, and the readers crucified him.

On several occasions he mentioned Sony's tech supremacy and the fact that most people would just love to have a cutting edge Sony console. While this might be true, unfortunately for Sony wanting something is quite different from actually buying it.

Commenting the negative consumer perception of Sony's new baby he said: "I think a lot of this goes back to the proliferation of the Internet, where a very vocal minority can make a lot of noise and potentially alter perceptions of the masses, whether they are accurate or not." Yes it does, the evil internet told me not to spend half my salary on a PS3.

If this guy ever leaves Sony he should move to Bosnia. People who blame the media, consumers and ordinary citizens for their own failures tend to get elected to the Presidency over here.

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