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Gaming still the most popular online activity

by on16 August 2007


WoW, who would have guessed ?

According to Casual Gaming Market Update, a new report from Parks Associates, gaming is still the most popular online activity in the U.S.

The report claims that thirty-four percent of U.S. adult Internet users play online games on a weekly basis, 29% watch short online videos and 19% visit social networking sites with the same frequency.

Parks Associates analysts claim that casual gaming has better revenue models, including web-based and in-game advertising, try-before-you-buy, subscriptions, and micro-transactions. They could have also mentioned Chinese farming.

It is claimed that the year-over-year growth rate for frequent online gamers was 79%, higher than the growth rate of social networking, but lower than 123% on video streaming sites. Analysts believe that video sites might prove to be "significant challenge to the gaming industryin capturing the online leisure time of Internet users", but we beg to differ.

Last modified on 17 August 2007
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