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Haze is a Playstation 3 exclusive

by on04 September 2007


PC and Xbox 360 nowhere in sight


Ubisoft has made the upcoming First Radical's FPS called Haze a Playstation 3 exclusive game. Haze was originally planed for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

In May Ubisoft announced that PS3 had become the "lead platform" and that the game should be ready in November. Ubisoft avoided the "exclusive" word back then and the only statement from the reps were "We just felt that PS3 needed some love."

According to Gamespot, Haze is now a PS3 title, and that is the only version that is currently in development. Once again PC and Xbox360 got dumped. The official Haze web site only has the PS3 logo, it's sad but true.

Last modified on 04 September 2007
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