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Plans for 2142 Expansion or Booster Pack Scrapped

by on19 September 2007


Looks like the end of the road for 2142

Word has reached us today from a reliable source, that any plans that might have been in the pipeline for an Expansion Pack or additional Booster Packs for Battlefield 2142, look to have been scrapped.

Rumors say that the sales for the title were just "OK" and the number of players playing the game continues to dwindle.

Dice has all hands on deck for the production of Battlefield: Bad Company for the Xbox 360 using the new "Frostbite" engine, in addition to the other mystery project that they are working on.

Rumors that Battlefield: Bad Company will also be released for the PC continue to be unconfirmed by Dice regardless what other sources are saying. Only time will tell if this title will be ported over to the PC platform as well.

Development and bug fixes of the 1.40 patch with the Highway Tampa map for 2142 continue, but no word on a potential release date has indicated yet. The 1.40 patch could be the last for 2142 if our source is correct.

Last modified on 19 September 2007
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