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Spore heads to Mac

by on16 January 2008


EA teams up with Steve Jobs


In addition
to the announcements made at this years MacWorld, like th ultra thin MacBook Air, Electronic Arts has used all the excitement to announce that Will Wright's highly praised and expected game Spore will be released for Mac.

According to the press release, Will Wright commented that they are happy to bring Spore to the Mac at the same time as the PC version, and that by being a highly creative game it is just perfect for Mac. According to what is known so far, Spore is a game where you will be able to create your society from the cell stage all the way to modern time where you will head into space and conquer it.

As for now the game should be released sometimes in the next quarter, but the precise date is still unknown. Apple might call it the perfect game for the MacBook Air.




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