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Wii doesn't like smokers

by on12 March 2008


Talk about healthy gaming


As strange as it might seem, if you smoke too much you might end up damaging your Wii console. “Super Smash Brothers Brawl,” a game that comes on a dual-layer DVD, brought this problem to everyone’s attention. Nintendo, in an attempt to keep their good name, issued a statement and offered to clean the lens at no charge.

Apparently, smoking will affect the delicate lens that read discs, and it wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for dual-layer DVD games that require greater precision due to the greater amount of data on the same sized surface.

So, not only does Wii make you get out of your chair, but it also might make you stop smoking. Now that’s what we call healthy gaming.

In case you’re one of these unlucky fellows, you can fill out the form and apply for lens cleaning here.

Last modified on 12 March 2008
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