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DirecTV under fire from HDNet

by on15 November 2007


HDNet says you can't charge users $5 more for it

HDNet has launched a lawsuit against DirecTV’s decision to move HDNet and HDNet Movies to a premium HD package that will cost an additional $5 per month. HDNet claims that this is a violation of the agreement that it has currently with DirecTV for them to carry the two channels.

While DirecTV is trying to move many of its HD customers over to its new MPEG 4 satellite that is delivering more HD channels, many customers are unhappy with some of the tactics that DirecTV has been employing to do this.

In addition, many subscribers continue to be unhappy that a move to the new 5 LNB satellite dish to receive the MPEG 4 programming from the new satellite requires a new receiver. The new DirecTV-branded DVR does not use the TiVo OS or its features and many subscribers paid $1,000 or more for their TiVo HD DirecTV compatible DVRs. DirecTV has announced no plans to offer a new TiVo DVR unit that will be compatible with the new satellite.

Last modified on 16 November 2007
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