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Gigabyte's Eagles dissected

by on22 November 2007


Japanese site has detailed specs and prices

We wrote about Gigabyte's Eagles water-cooled gaming machines a couple of days ago, here.

A Japanese site has posted detailed specs of the machines and some pricing information, too. The Eagles will ship in three versions. The lowest-priced one uses a Q6600 CPU, had 2 GB of memory, an 8800 GTS 640MB card and a 500GB Seagate hard drive. It should retail for around 1,540 euro.

Next in line is a dual core machine with a E6850 CPU, 8800 GTX card and a 150GB Raptor hard drive, and it should retail at about 2,150 euro. If this isn't enough, you can go for a QX9650 based machine with two 2900XT cards in Crossfire. It has 4GB of memory, a 150GB Raptor and it's priced at 3,700 euro.

All things considered, the prices sound acceptable, but we'd rather see an 8800 GT on the lowest priced  machine and a HD3870 crossfire on the flagship model.

For more pics and specs, check out, here (in Japanese).

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