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Acer's Aspire One family gets bigger, slimmer too

by on02 April 2009


New 11.6-inch and 10-inch models coming

Just a few
months ago you could say Acer's Aspire One series of netbooks was aptly named, as you could only get one model in a bunch of colours and storage options, but times are changing, and the Aspire One series is growing, quite literally.

The upcoming Aspire One 751, a rather stylish, thin 11.6-inch machine should appear rather soon. It is based on Intel's Z530 1.6GHz processor coupled with the inevitable Poulsbo chipset, and features a 1,366 x 768 screen. The hi res screen makes it bit more serious than your average netbook, and the 6-cell battery should offer plenty of autonomy, whilst keeping the weight down at a reasonable 1.24kg. Of course, it comes with 1GB of memory and a 160GB hard drive. You can check out a brief preview here. (Google translation, Norwegian)

The 531 is a slimmed down version of the 10-inch Aspire One, and it's based on the Atom N280/945GSE combo. It is already listed, here, for €423.

The Aspire One D250 is also based on the N280, but it's really not as interesting as the slim 531 or 751. However, it is a bit cheaper, and you can get one for €379, here.

All in all, we find the 11.6-inch 751 very appealing, mainly thanks to its spacious screen and rather low weight. If Acer doesn't go overboard with the pricing, it could draw quite a crowd.
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