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What is Apple codename K48?

by on13 May 2009


10-inch tablet product, according to sources

We were shaking the Apple tree and we were hit in our very head by a new codename that we had not heard before. Our sources are whispering about codename K48, and they tell us that it is already in pre-production.

From what we understand, the long awaited Apple 10-inch tablet product is codename K48 and it is a touchscreen. From what we have been told, this device will be like a very large iPod Touch; just with a lot more screen real estate and much more power.

While we are not yet ready to confirm this as gospel yet, we can tell you that we have received word that we have it pretty much right for the next generation iPhone. The next iPhone will arrive in June and it will offer a faster CPU, double the RAM, 3.2 megapixel camera, digital compass technology, and 32GB of flash storage. We hear that battery life, the screen, and the external housing will remain the same for this new iPhone offering.

No matter your pleasure, if you are waiting for the new iPhone or the new 10-inch touchscreen product, it could be that Apple will have you covered this June from end to end. We expect to hear more on the legitimacy of our K48 tipsters in the next couple of weeks.
Last modified on 13 May 2009
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