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Netbook user satisfaction survey praises MSI, Asus

by on07 July 2009


Top rated models feature matte screens
has conducted a survey of netbook users to find out how satisfied they were with their toys.

Several thousand users seem to have cast their votes, and although some of the results may come as a surprise, but for the most part, they're what you would expect. MSI's Wind and Asustek's 1000HE lead the pack, and they're both very closely matched. Samsung's NC10 comes in third, while another Asus, the 1000H, ranks fourth.

Although it has the biggest market share, Acer gets fifth and eight place, with its 8.9-inch and 10-inch Aspire Ones. HP and Dell models rank sixth and seventh.

We would like to point out one thing, though. The top four models feature matte screens, while most of the others don't. Hopefully vendors will soon realize that reflective panels on netbooks make no sense whatsoever.

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