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Yorkfield 3GHz arrives in Vienna

by on10 October 2007

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Sneak Preview:
... at least in our labs

While it gets colder in Vienna Intel sends us the hottest stuff available, at least for many hardware enthusiasts.

The next incarnation of the Intel Extreme quad-core Edition in 45nm with an insane amount of 12MB 2nd level cache was sent to our lab for review. Gamers may not be able to get much out of that CPU, but for anyone doing raytracing, video manipulation and encoding or professional musicians, that might be the next step they want to go.

We won't show you any benches right now, but our little Yorkfield quad core is running in our ASUS Blitz Extreme board, even when the BIOS is crying that it can't detect the CPU properly.

The same problem applies to CPU-z, but Everest had no problem in unveiling this small and nice quad core beast. See for yourself:

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