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ETQW 1.4 Update is on the way

by on14 December 2007


Possible release before Christmas

Splash Damage recently announced that they are working hard on getting the 1.4 update out the door for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It has also been announced that the previously mentioned 1.3 update will now only apply to the Korean release of ETQW; the next major release for all other versions will be the 1.4 update.

What will the 1.4 release offer? Improvements to the user interface, including a major revisions and improvements to the server browser which were greatly needed. One feature that caught our eye is the new “Hot Server” option which recommends three servers that will get you into the game at the start of the game with a great ping, and you will also know how many other users are considering jumping onto these “hot servers” in real time. This is a great idea and something we are sure other companies will be rushing to add into their titles in the future, but we just hope that they fix some of the flaky and buggy issues with the server browser, in general.

Improvements to the HUD will allow for both an advanced and simplified mode that will allow it to be customized to suit your taste. The new end of the game report screen will be improved with additional information that add some new stats categories to report. A variety of game play balance improvements to continue to tweak the experience and improve the overall playability of the game.

One of the most interesting features is the new ETQW:TV that will allow hundreds of player to be able to watch matches through the use of repeater and relay servers, which is certain to improve the tournament play of ETQW. The configurability of the ETQW:TV will come with a delay feature that should pretty much prevent someone from passing on information to those playing the game.

Another area that ETQW seemed to have problems with was the issue of it being blocked by ISPs and such who incorrectly were blocking the game as a peer-to-peer file sharing application. This has been addressed with a solutions that should solve this problem for most players. Latency and lag have been reduced and a nasty problem with player warping that was caused by a memory leak has been addressed and fixed.

ETQW did not live up to the expectations that many fans had, and at the time of its release, it was still a bit rough around the edges. With each patch release, the Splash Damage folks have been making great strides and improvements to the title. Version 1.4 looks to feature some of the most complete updates and improvements to ETQW yet. If you had given up on ETQW, the 1.4 update (if it lives up to the hype,) might cause you and many other players to give the game another chance.

Read Locki’s blog here with complete information regarding the 1.4 update for ETQW.

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