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Sonic the Hedgehog comes to iPod

by on19 December 2007


Original Genesis version of Sonic for $4.99 thru iTunes

One of the more interesting features of the latest iPod that supports video is the fact that Apple has opened it up for at least some gaming development.

The first wave of games for the latest generation of the iPod video that were able to be downloaded from iTunes were interesting, but difficult controls and playability of some of the titles led to a less than enthusiastic response from iPod consumers.

This time around, Sega listened to the iPod user issues and has worked to deliver a new version of the Sega Genesis classic, “Sonic the Hedgehog” for iPod video. Sega has been in talks with Apple for some time about bringing titles to the iPod, but Apple is very particular about what titles it selects for the iPod; preferring to select titles that appeal to a large audience and are easy to learn and play.

Like other games for the iPod, the game will only be able to be downloaded through iTunes and it will cost $4.99. The port of Sonic to the iPod platform marks the first time that a console title has been ported and reworked to be playable on the iPod. Sonic for iPod will be playable on all generations of the iPod that support video, including the latest generation of the iPod Nano.

Last modified on 19 December 2007
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