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TorrentSpy loses copyright case

by on20 December 2007


Tampered with evidence

Torrent search engine, TorrentSpy, has lost its case in a suit brought by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

The Judge made a default ruling in the case for the MPAA, stating that the site's owners had tampered with evidence by ignoring a ruling to retain server logs and unique online computer addresses. Torrentspy had originally argued that its servers were based in the Netherlands, and as such, were protected by Dutch law.

"A substantial number of items of evidence have been destroyed," said Judge Florence-Marie Cooper. "Defendants were on notice that this information would be of importance in this case."

TorrentSpy's lawyer, Ira Rothken, claimed that his clients were concerned about user privacy. TorrentSpy is expected to appeal the decision, while the MPAA is pleased with the ruling.

The court will decide on damages at a later date.

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Last modified on 21 December 2007
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