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Facebook bans British MP

by on20 December 2007


For impersonating himself


Steve Webb, a British MP form the Liberal Democrat party, was banned from the social networking site, Facebook, on Monday.

The site had received complaints that he was in fact impersonating a member of Parliament and chose to suspend his account. According to Reuters, Webb is a keen promoter of online communications and he uses the Web to stay in touch with his constituents.

After some help form his Facebook friends the site realized it had made an embarrassing mistake and reactivated his profile.

"You realize the power these organizations really have," said the banned MP, "It's actually hard for a genuine person to prove they exist."

Oh well, on the Web popularity is power, but power should be backed up by a fair share of responsibility and that's something many online media seem to forget, rather conveniently, one might say.

The 42-year-old Parliamentarian has been a Facebook member for over a year and has around 2,500 friends on the site, many of whom are his constituents.

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