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Lenovo delays Skylight, again

by on30 June 2010

Toshiba readies Tegra-based model
Lenovo has apparently decided to delay the launch of the Skylight, the outfit’s first smartbook. If the announcement sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Lenovo already delayed the smartbook back in April and now it’s supposedly pushing it back for August.

On the upside, the Skylight will feature a somewhat better CPU than originally expected. It will pack a dual-core Snapdragon at 1.5GHz, which sounds quite good for a 10-inch device weighing a meager 900 grams. It also appears that Lenovo opted to use Android on the Skylight rather than a custom Linux distribution, and I’m told this is good news as well.


Toshiba is also gearing up to launch a 10-inch smartbook powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 250. Like Lenovo, Tosh also chose to go with Android. Toshiba is also planning to introduce an ARM-based tablet in late 2010.

However, it must be noted that the smartbook concept as a whole doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Notebook makers have been talking about smarbooks for roughly a year and we’ve seen quite a few concepts and prototypes, but we have yet to see smartbooks in retail in any significant volume.

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