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Spielberg may want to make a Halo film

by on07 October 2010

Said to be attempting to acquire the rights
Could it be that none other than director great Steven Spielberg wants to make a Halo movie? According to a number of sources, Spielberg is attempting to secure the rights for DreamWorks Pictures to make the first live action film based around the Halo gaming franchise.

It is said that the DreamWorks project would come from source material that is in the Halo novels that would be adapted to a screenplay. This means that it would not be the same screenplay that Universal and Fox reportedly poured over $12 million into before the project went south.

Spielberg might be the right choice for a Halo movie, as he has had extensive experience churning out action movie thrillers. The reports that are circulating are, of course, unconfirmed; but it seems that rumors will never go away about the potential for a Halo movie. We say go ahead and make it.
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