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Hacker finds and gets stolen computer back

by on24 December 2010

Take the power back
A speaker on the Defcon hacker convention named Zoz, told an interesting story about his computer being stolen and getting it back. Admittedly, Zoz “loves his Mac like his firstborn” and what took place fully supports this claim.

It took him about two years, where Zoz’s computer took a trip from Boston to Vegas in the meantime. It was perhaps a bit strange that the thief used dial-up in Vegas, but that didn’t stop Zoz from finding out pretty much everything about the format-illiterate thief.

It turned out that the thief identified as Melvin Guzman really liked them dating sites. Couple that with a bunch of pictures of Guzman, some diligent work on finding the exact location and the police had everything it needed. Of course, not that they were of any use earlier.

You can find the video of Zoz telling the story in full here.

Last modified on 24 December 2010
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