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Kinect causing RRoD in consoles?

by on06 January 2011

Microsoft claims that this isn’t the case
Reports have been circulating since yesterday from a number of outlets as well as some of our very own sources that some Xbox 360 owners who have purchased Kinect are experiencing what has become known as the “Red Ring of Death” after adding the Kinect add-on to their Xbox 360 console.

Microsoft has been quick to respond, saying that there is no correlation between these RRoD failures and the use of Kinect. While they do suggest that any instance of this happening is apparently coincidental, the news comes as little comfort to those who have no days left on their three-year Xbox 360 warranty from Microsoft.

From what we have been able to uncover, the problems seem only be happening with some older systems; apparently it isn’t widespread and does not seem to affect the latest version of the Xbox 360 console. In the meantime, we will have to see how this plays out. However, we have to agree with Microsoft that it does seem unlikely that the Kinect add-on is at the root of these users getting the RRoD.

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