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Apple upgrades iPhone and iPod Touch

by on06 February 2008

Gets 16 and 32GB of memory

Surprise! Apple has announced the availability of new versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch that feature additional storage capacity. The new version of the iPhone will feature 16GB of flash memory, while the iPod Touch will be increased to a whopping 32GB of flash memory.

Some users can never have enough storage, and Apple realized this and is responding to customer requests by increasing the storage on both the iPhone and iPod Touch. The additional storage will not come cheap, however, as Apple will be offering both the 16GB version of the iPhone and the 32GB version of the iPod Touch for US$499. The price increase seems about on par with what Apple has normally charged for a capacity bump of this size.

In addition to the flash memory boost, Apple says that both of the new versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch will feature the new 1.1.3 Firmware which will come on both the 16GB iPhone and the 32GB iPod Touch. The 1.1.3 Firmware adds new applications to the iPod Touch and corrects bugs and improvements targeted at iPhone users.

Both the 16GB iPhone and the 32GB iPod Touch are set to hit retailers right away; for users who can’t wait they can always order from the Apple Store online.

Last modified on 06 February 2008
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