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Apple to still release white iPhone

by on15 April 2011

Should finally arrive this spring
Our sources overseas confirm to us that Apple will finally be releasing a white version of its iPhone. The white colored versions was originally announced, but then pulled because of what was believed to be some manufacturing difficulties and perhaps even some quality issues.

With all of these problems resolved, Apple will finally release the white version of the iPhone this spring, and both AT&T and Verizon in the U.S. will be getting the white version. It is believed that the decision to go ahead and release the white version is a holdover until the iPhone 5 is to be released this fall.

Speaking of the iPhone 5, our sources continue to insist that Apple will release the fifth version of the iPhone in the fall of this year. Other sources have suggested that Apple might not release the iPhone 5 this year, then again some claim it is coming in the summer, but at this point it is really anyone's guess.
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