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MSI going green at CeBIT

by on28 February 2008


"ECOlution" is the theme for this year


MSI has decided that its main theme for this year's CeBIT is "ECOlution," short for eco-friendly and environmental evolution. These themed products will include motherboards based on Intel's X48, P45 and G45. Notebooks that are all about ecology are also a part of the show, as well as the new low-cost PCs that will consume less than 60W of power; of course, with a little help from Intel's 45nm processor.

Along with the expected showcasing of products that support 45nm, 1600FSB and DDR3 memory, MSI is going to introduce the world's first anion notebook. This notebook will be the first one in MSI's "Green design" that will release high concentration of anions that will clean and purify the air.

In addition to the first anion-releasing notebook, MSI's G series, the one that is famous for its turbo overclocking button and the one that we have reviewed, will have a new button, which will be called "Turbo Battery." According to the press release, this button can extend the battery life up to 20 percent when compared to traditional notebooks. This will basically work in the same manner as the Turbo overclock button, but this time it will probably downclock the notebook depending on the systems load.

MSI will also introduce its new Low-Cost PCs line with dimensions of 300x65x240mm, which will be able to house Intel's latest 45nm processors. All of this will result in 60W power consumption and make it nice, cool and silent. The sleek and stylish looks will make sure that this little thing will be able to easily blend in any surrounding thus making it a perfect candidate for the living HTPC scenario.

We will have more info about everything as soon as CeBIT kicks off on the 4th of March.


Last modified on 29 February 2008
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