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Acer and Asus to streamline notebook production

by on12 December 2011

Fewer new models, lower development costs

Acer and Asus are apparently taking a page out of Apple’s book and planning to streamline notebook development in 2012.

The big idea is to take a more minimalistic approach to notebook design and reduce the number of models. It works for Apple, so Acer and Asus believe they can cut development costs and reduce inventory risks by limiting the number of new models.

For example, Asus has about 50 various notebook designs on offer right now, whereas Apple has but a handful. The number of EeePC netbook designs will be halved from 10 to 5. The company will also reduce the number of mid-range designs in favor of ultrabooks, but it will still retain high-end and value models to maintain volume.

Acer is apparently taking a similar approach and shifting focus away from traditional notebooks to more lucrative market segments.

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