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Globalfoundries to invest $3 billion in fabs

by on11 January 2012

Kicks off production in New York

Chipmaker for hire Globalfoundries is palling to spend $3 billion on fabs and equipment in 2012.

CEO Ajit Manocha told Bloomberg that Glofo spent $8 billion over the past two years and most of the $3 billion planned for 2012 will be invested in its new Fab 8 in upstate New York. The company announced the start of limited production of 32nm SOI parts in the plant at CES.

Since Manocha took over from former AMD exec Doug Grose last year, Globalfoundries replaced about 20 top executives and tried to streamline operations. In 2011 the chipmaker struggled to meet demand and ship enough AMD chips, namely Llano APUs.

Globalfoundries plants in Singapore, acquired in the Chartered Semiconductor merger, fared better and did not experience similar difficulties. Last year Globalfoundries also put on hold plans for the construction of a new fab in Abu Dhabi, but the plans have not been shelved yet.

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