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Windows Phone to overtake iOS

by on20 January 2012

By 2015, hold your horses

Although it was off to a very slow start, Redmond’s Windows Phone is starting to look better with each passing day.

According to iSuppli, just 1.9 percent of all smartphones shipped last year ran Windows Phone, while Android and iOS accounted for 47.4 and 18 percent of shipments respectively.

However, in 2012 Windows Phone is projected to seize 9 percent of the market and in 2013 it should command a 15.3 percent share. From 2013 onwards, growth should slow down and Windows Phone is expected to end 2015 with a 16.7 percent share.

Meanwhile Apple’s share is expected to end up at 16.6 percent, while Android will maintain the lead with 58.1 percent, unless the economy collapses and by 2015 we all end up living in a dystopian Mad Max world.

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