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Commodore introduces Amiga Mini PC

by on22 March 2012

Don’t you (forget about me)

Here is some news to warm the hearts of all those who grew up watching John Hughes’ teen flicks at the height of the second Cold War.

Commodore has introduced a new small-form-factor Amiga PC for the 21st century. Packed in a neat, minimalistic aluminium chassis, the new Amiga is based around a 3.5GHz Core i7 2700K processor, Nvidia’s GT430 graphics with 1GB of memory, 16GB of DDR3 and a 1TB drive. There is also room for an additional 2.5-inch drive and slot-in optical drive as well.


Not a bad spec, but we think anything with an Amiga brand deserves better graphics than a measly GT430. However, our main concern is the retro price tag and it is $2,945. Back in 1985, you could get an Amiga 1000 for about $1,600. Adjusted for inflation that would translate to about $3,200 today. It still hardly makes the new Amiga a good buy.

Commodore is also planning to introduce a new VIC Slim and the C64x Supreme, with a beefier processor and GPU.

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