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Iran could unplug internet, launch halal version instead

by on10 April 2012

Update: Iranian authorities deny reports

According to a report by Reporters Without Borders, Iran could completely unplug the internet and launch its own, clean version.

The plans were made public in 2011 and Iran is said to be working on a custom email service as well as a search engine for its new intranet. Of course, in order to apply for an account, users will have to register their identity with the authorities.

Iranian officials claim they are worried about espionage, but we believe they are a bit more worried about the prospects of a Persian Spring organized online. Even today, Iran employs draconian measures to keep access to some sites blocked, but a lot of Iranians use proxies to get round the censorship system.

Luckily, authorities have not had much luck in coming up with a viable intranet and their cunning plan seems to be nothing more than rhetoric.

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Iranian authorities have denied reports of a possible internet ban, saying they were based on a fake interview attributed to one of the country’s ministers.

Last modified on 10 April 2012
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