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Intel believes mobile devices will interface with human brain

by on04 May 2012

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Having trouble typing those Facebook statuses on your smartphone? Not to worry, Intel has you covered, sort of.

According to a whitepaper commissioned by the chipmaker, it is inevitable that mobile devices will interface with the human brain sooner or later. The paper found that melding phone technologies directly into the human body is the next logical step. Basically Intel is borrowing ideas from Futurama’s.

According to the report, harnessing processing power of mobile devices will augment the biological brain, but there is still a long way to go before we can all stand in line for the new eyePhone. Processors need to get faster and smaller, security needs to improve, along with speech recognition and let’s not even get into power consumption and miniaturization.

Also, we can’t help but wonder what sort of “compatibility” issues to expect. We are not talking about hardware, we have it on good authority that Android 20.0 Twix will need an IQ of 120 to support offline 3D ultraporn in 8K.

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