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Eee PC 900 reviewed

by on17 April 2008


Bigger screen, bigger SSD, higher price

got their hands on a new Eee PC 900 and, as their name suggests, they reviewed it.

The new Eee boasts a more spacious 8.9-inch screen with a higher resolution. At 1024x600 there's no need to horizontally scroll websites. This is a significant improvement over the 7-inch model and its annoying 800x480 screen which struggled with many Websites.

Apart from the new screen, the Eee got more storage, 12GB for the XP version and 20GB for the Linux version. There's also a new 1.3Mpix Webcam and some other cosmetic changes. The basic design remains the same, but due to the larger screen it looks just a bit better.

You can check out the full review here.

Last modified on 17 April 2008
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