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Smartphone market becoming two-horse race

by on03 July 2012

Google and Apple continue to lead the way

According to the latest ComScore report, Google and Apple are extending their lead in the smartphone market.

Apple saw its platform market share grow to 31.9 percent between February and May, up 1.7 percent over the previous three months. Google’s Android also did well, seizing a 50.9 percent share, up 0.8 percent. RIM lost 2 percent for an 11.4 percent share. Microsoft is still struggling with a 4 percent share, while Symbian also dropped 0.4 percent to just 1.1 percent.

Samsung raigned supreme as the top mobile OEM, with a 25.7 percent share. LG ranked second with 19.1 percent, while Apple came in third with a 15 percent share, but it lead the way in terms of growth, seizing 1.5 percent in three months. Motorola and HTC ranked fourth and fifth respectively and both were in the red.

So, if the smartphone market was indeed a horse race, Apple would be Black Caviar, while RIM would be on its way to the glue factory.

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