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Minecraft for 360 continues to sell

by on09 August 2012

Rumored to move 17,000 copies a day

The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft has to be considered much more of a smash than anyone could have imagined. The fact is that Minecraft on the Xbox 360 has incredible momentum and is almost selling as many copies as the day it was released, according to what we are hearing.

The Xbox Live Arcade is moving over 17,000 of the game per day, if estimates and sources are correct. That type of sales has propelled developer Mojoang to score a reported profit of double what they made last year.

With the game being so successful on the Xbox 360, you would think that the company would want to see it get more enhancements and updates quicker; but so far, the number of patches and updates has not been what one might expect. With sales like this, you can guess that Mojoang will remain committed to it and getting more patches and updates out the door.

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