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Chipmakers view new iPhone as cash cow

by on16 August 2012

Qualcomm, Fairchild, Boardcom to benefit

As Apple gears up to introduce the sixth generation iPhone, chipmakers around the world are laughing all the way to the bank.

Although Apple’s ARM based portfolio, iPhone included, is based on A-series chips designed by Cupertino, the iPhone will still include a shedload of chips provided by other companies.

Qualcomm is apparently getting the best of it. Analyst Craig Berger believes Qualcomm’s baseband used in the new iPhone could cost as much as $18, up from about $8 in the current generation. That is the cost of getting a new 4G LTE modem.

Other chipmakers will also see some green, namely Broadcom, Texas Instruments, Fairchild, Cirrus Logic, ON Semi, Avago Technologies and Skyworks Solutions.

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