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Despite needing it, no PS Vita price cut

by on17 August 2012

Sony engineers are working on a cheaper model

Well, other than software, the PlayStation Vita might be able to attract some attention with a price cut. Sony, however, has ruled out the possibility of a price cut this year.

The good news for the Vita, if there is any… is that Sony has confirmed that its engineers are hard at work on cost reductions to the unit in order to deliver a price cut for the unit. Sony has confirmed that they would like to address the pricing of the unit in the future, but this year will be about adding value to the unit.

Software, however, is the biggest stumbling block for the PS Vita as well as competition from Nintendo; and don’t forget all of those smart phones and tablets. If there is any bright spot on the horizon, it is that Sony confirmed that Activision has committed to releasing a Call of Duty game for the Vita. Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified will be coming in November, as well as a Vita bundle featuring the game for the holidays.

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