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Get your .me domain today

by on06 May 2008


Two years
ago the former Yugoslav Republic of Montenegro declared independence from Serbia and Montenegro. The disbanded federation used the old .yu domain which is about to join the Dodo. Serbia will use the .rs domain, while Montenegro, its neighbor to the south, got a rather interesting domain - .me.

As you can imagine, the .me domain registration process is drawing a lot of attention, not just in Montenegro, but around the world. Montenegro's NIC has already set aside a number of verb-oriented domains for auction, for example,, No matter what industry you're in, from IT to smut, the .me domain is bound to give you some ideas.

The general sunrise process starts today, at 17:00 UTC. A .me domain will set you back €110 and a 5-year contract is a must. You can find out more here.
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