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New Volkswagen Golf to feature Tegra 3 infotainment system

by on03 October 2012

Let’s take a wild guess, it will be pricey

Volkswagen plans to introduce the seventh iteration of its best selling Golf hatchback a couple of months from now and it obviously has the geek crowd in mind, as it will offer a Tegra 3 infotainment system as an option.

Of course, Volkswagen has a rather nasty habit of sticking pretty much everything that makes a proper car on the option list and charging consumers an arm and a leg for an ashtray, a few speakers and a spare wheel. However, the Volkswagen Group seems to be changing its approach and we are seeing some interesting tech trickle down into cheaper models, like the dirt cheap Maps & More package with detachable navigation system offered in the VW Up! supermini and its siblings from Skoda and Seat.

Little is known about the new infotainment system destined for the Golf, but we guess it is based on similar Tegra systems developed for Audi. It's safe to assume that we will see similar systems in Seats and Skodas sooner rather than later.

Aside from the geeky infotainment system, the seventh-generation Golf promises to deliver quite a bit of innovation under the bonnet. It’s Volkswagen’s first model to use the new MQB platform and it will end up more than 100kg lighter than its predecessor, which was pretty much a redesigned Golf Mark V with new headlights. Tipping the scales at just over a ton, the new Golf will also feature downsized engines, turbocharged across the range.

However, it’s still a Golf, which means it will cost slightly more than the competition and it will still have the nasty habit of disappearing overnight, especially in some parts of Europe. As the good people of the Montenegrin Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism like to say – visit Montenegro, your car is already here. [I didn’t know we hired James May. Ed]

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