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Cooler Master launches Hyper Z600

by on09 May 2008


Passive CPU cooler


Cooler Master has announced the Hyper Z600, a passive cooler that can cool both Intel and AMD CPUs that have up to 89W of TDP, and this is without any fans attached to it.

The dimensions of this massive cooler are 127.28 x 127.28 x 160 mm and it weighs 1045g. According to the press release, the new Z600 uses X design, which creates a lower back pressure that pushes the air to pass through quickly. It uses six heatpipes which goes from the mirror finished copper base to aluminum heatsink fins.

For additional cooling power, the Z600 is designed so it can take up to two 120mm fans. We must note that it looks rather impressive with both fans installed. The Hyper Z600 is compatible with all existing Intel and AMD CPU sockets.

The new Cooler Master passive behemoth should be available soon and it should sell at around €40.



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