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Nintendo confirms Pikmin 3 delay

by on07 December 2012

Will have to wait till Q2 2013

One of the biggest and most anticipated titles for the Wii U is delayed. Yep, Pikmin 3 is being delayed till Q2 of 2013. No reason was given for the delay, just that it was being delayed. In addition, Nintendo also confirmed that it was delaying the release of Animal Cross: New Leaf for the 3DS till Q2 of 2013.

The delays are par for the course with any new system, and we would not read too much into the decision to delay the release of the titles. Nintendo is expecting a large second round of releases for the Wii U during Q1 and Q2 of 2013. These releases will be critical to the success of the system, with sources saying that both Microsoft and Sony are planning for launches of their new console systems later in the year.

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