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G4 channel likely to be rebranded

by on11 December 2012

Could be known next as Esquire Channel

With all of the changes that have been happening at G4, which has become more of a dismantling of the channel, sources are now indicating that NBCUniversal is planning to rebrand the channel. The new channel name is likely to be the Esquire Channel, and will be a project between NBCUniversal and Esquire parent, Hearst Corporation.

Sources say that the new Esquire Channel will be an upscale channel targeted at SpikeTV that will offer a more upscale male-oriented programming slate than what is offered by other channels. While gaming/game shows will still have a place on the channel, the channel is also said to feature shows on cooking, travel and fashion, a far cry from what G4 was producing.

If true, the channel could face an uphill battle, as many providers have dropped G4 in recent years mostly due to poor ratings and not enough people watching it. Most notably, satellite provider DirecTV was one who dropped the channel, which is ironic as the provider was one of the first to offer the channel back in the days when it was known as TechTV.

With provider space at a premium and competition for male viewership tight, we have to wonder if this is the right direction. We still think there is a place for a tech oriented channel with the kind of content that Revision3 has become famous for, but the question is whether the time has passed for this type of programming from a typical satellite or cable provider.

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